Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Leave it to the Experts!
Our expertise covers all kinds of carpets. From industrial and commercial to residential, our cleaning service suits all kinds for all purposes. Let us handle all kinds of carpets – from home carpets, office carpets, school carpets and even staircase carpets, to carpets of different styles which require meticulous and careful handling. Carpets give a room a certain aesthetic appeal, but owners should not compromise safety for the sake of beauty. This is why our cleaning prioritizes elimination of not only dirt, but also allergens. Rest assured that all carpets can be put under our care, and you can avail of this service 24/7 without extra charge for flexible hours.

Highly Experienced staff for High Quality Service
At 24/7 Carpet, we hire only the best technicians for the best clients. Our technicians were trained to handle different kinds of carpets to render only high quality service. They are able to assist you with questions and simple tips on how to take better care of your carpets. They are sure to get the job done with exceeding expectations. Their experience over the years with different carpets ensures that quality of carpet cleaning is put at topmost priority. Our technicians are knowledgeable experts, and our clients can be assured that 24/7 Carpet knows our technicians very well. For safety purposes, drug checking has been done.

Customized Carpet Cleaning to Suit Your Needs
Our services at 24/7 Carpet are dynamic. You may choose either Deep Cleaning or Steam Cleaning. If you don’t know what is best for your carpets, you may contact our experts. They may conduct initial inspection of your carpets to know what cleaning method is best. Our experts will also give instructions on how to care for your carpets post-cleaning. Carpet stretching service is also available. You may avail of discounts depending on the cleaning services you will avail of. Our cleaning is assured to keep your carpet free from dirt as well as dust and allergens.

Using Only the Most Reliable Methods
The type of carpet cleaning method will depend on your carpet. Most carpets do well with hot-water extraction, but if your carpets are old and require extra care, our experts are able to do dry cleaning, without compromising quality and cleanliness. You can trust our technicians to determine the best method of cleaning. Stains and smells can quite bothersome, too, and much harder to eliminate, so leave it up to us. We do our best to ensure that all methods eliminate dust, dirt and allergens. Carpets can be quite costly, so it is only best to leave them to our experts.

We Go the Extra Mile
We are not named 24/7 Carpet for nothing! You will be able to avail of our services anytime of the day you want. We understand that our clients may have busy schedules. It doesn’t mean cleanliness will have to be compromised. Our services are not limited to carpet cleaning. We also offer different payment methods. You can be assured that we charge with reasonable prices and give high quality services which are sure to leave your carpet clean with the brand new feel. We do extra work without the extra charge.