Water and Fire damage

Water and Fire damage

Water & Fire Damage—There’s Still Hope
At home, minor accidents are inevitable. Family members could spill juice over the family carpet while others could accidently set a rug on fire. When these happen, families immediately seek interventions. Safety and security will be the topmost priority. After that, damages will be sought after. In most cases, a fire or a water-spilling incident causes damages on the walls and floor coverings. When it comes to damaged carpets, families might think that there is no more chance for recovery. They would not waste their time trying to fix a burnt carpet and would consider buying a new one. However, that’s not the only option. 

Enjoy Quality Carpet Repair Services
To save families the expense of buying a new carpet, 247Carpet.com offers quality carpet cleaning and repairing services available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also encourage families to contact us right after the incident happened. The longer the damage sticks, the harder it is to repair carpets. 

Moreover, we services that are convenient, reliable, fast, and at a reasonable price. Free pick-up and delivery are also part of our services.

There is no need for any family to worry about their carpet after letting 247Carpet.com handle their problem. Highly-advanced pieces of equipment are used, and licensed professionals are employed to treat damaged carpets. We ensure not only competent services but also successful carpet restoration.

Steps on How to Deal with Water & Fire Damage
Unlike the usual way of treating damaged carpet, 247Carpet.com takes procedures that are fast and more advanced. Here is how we do it:

  1. Inspection
    • Professional cleaners will inspect the level of damage and its chances of getting fixed.
  2. Deciding on the Price
    • This is when the cleaners decide on the price for the repair services. The staff could also offer other options and additional recovery procedures to the clients. The staff then brings the carpet to their company location if recovery procedure can’t be done at home.
  3. Extract Water
    • If a carpet has spilled on it, a skilled cleaner would first extract water or any fluid from it. He can either do it manually or use a reliable tool.
  4. Cleansing
    • This refers to the initial washing. In this case, cleaning is only done with the use of steam. This is to remove stains from the carpet without causing more damage to the carpet.
  5. Sanitizing and Deodorizing
    • This pertains to the adding of sanitizing elements during the initial washing. After that, natural products are used to further sterilize the carpet.
  6. Remove Soot
    • This is a supplementary procedure in case soot is still found on burnt carpets. The company has high-end equipment specifically designed for this purpose. In other cases, a simple vacuum is used.
  7. Full-Blown Washing
    • This refers to the final washing. All other stains and dirt are washed off.
  8. Dry the Carpet
    • The carpet is then left to dry. Once it is dry, the carpet will look better than it was before.
  9. Deliver
    • The carpet is properly packaged and sent back to the clients on time

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We always make sure to hire, select, and train the most qualified person for the job. In addition, our products and equipment are environment-friendly and at their best quality. To know more, visit our website and check other services we offer regarding water & fire damage carpet restoration.