Wall to Wall Carpet Installation

Wall to Wall Carpet Installation

The Best Carpet Installation Team
Carpet installation can be a little complex, but with the right carpet installation team, you’ll be free from any trouble.

247Carpet is a local company that offers installation, repair, and cleaning services for carpet, as well as for items such as a rug, upholstery, furniture, and window. Our dedicated staff is highly trained with the necessary knowledge and skills. They are paid in salary, not on commission, so they are much more dedicated to work right and hard for all of our customers. Our staff is selected at the high standard, all guaranteed to be experts providing high-quality services. 
Carpet Installation Process

   •  Carpet Measuring, Design Selection, and Pricing 

The first process of the carpet installation includes the measuring of the carpet’s size, selection of the design, and the agreement of the pricing. While customers can contact the company 24/7 online, by phone, or in the office, this process is done at the costumer’s space where the carpet installation will be done. 

   • Order Processing and Scheduling

After the carpet measuring, selection, and pricing agreement between the staff and the customer, the order will be processed and will be scheduled within a few days.

   • Carpet Installation
 While the carpet installation team is ready to give as many services as necessary, customers are encouraged to prepare for the carpet installation and move the furniture, especially the heavy ones, prior to the process. 

The carpet installation process will include the following:

  • Relocation of furniture
  • Clearing of floor space
  • Disposal of the old carpet 
  • Position of new carpet 
  • Stretching of new carpet to prevent buckling 

Quick and Quality Carpet Installation
Carpet installation at 247Carpet is of the highest quality. Here’s why:

   •  Years Of Experience In Carpet Installation

Founded in 2009, 247Carpet has been around for 7 years, collecting different carpet installation experiences in the industry. This collection of professional experience has made us an expert in the field of carpet installation, repair, and cleaning.

   • High-Tech Installation Machineries
 We at 247Carpet use high technology carpet installation tools and devices during the installation process to guarantee easy, safe, and high-quality results.

   • Five Star Rating
 Having been around for several years in the industry, 247Carpet have worked for a lot of customers, have provided satisfactory results, and was given the high rating.

   • Over-the-phone Services
 247Carpet prioritizes costumers. We want to make everything much easier for all of our customers. With our over-the-phone services, we give more convenience.

   • 24/7 Availability
247Carpet is present online, by the phone, and in the office 24/7. We are ready to serve our customers anywhere and any time of the day.

Carpet Installation With The Most Reasonable Rate
High quality and good pricing don't always come together. 247Carpet makes that all possible. We believe that costumers deserve both the highest quality and the most reasonable pricing of all of our services. We want to make sure everybody is able to avail our high-quality services.