Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why You need Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Why do you need a commercial carpet cleaning? To clean your carpet, of course. That’s the right answer, but for 247Carpet, that answer is not enough. We provide far more than just carpet cleaning. Here’s more of what 247Carpet has to offer:

  • Carpet durability and quality maintenance
    • Commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance keeps the quality of the carpet. It saves the beauty of your carpet, as well as of your space. 
  • Carpet scent
    • Carpet cleaning at 247Carpet helps you get rid of the unpleasant odor of your old, dirty carpet. 247Carpet makes sure you get just the right kind of fragrance for your home or workplace. 
  • Germ-free carpet
    • Through the years of use, carpets can get dirt and unpleasant smell. It needs regular cleaning to keep germs away from causing health problems to everyone around your place. 247Carpet expert commercial carpet cleaning makes sure your space is a good, safe, and healthy place to stay.

Where to Get the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services 
Getting the best commercial cleaning service provider seems all impossible, until you found 247Carpet sitting just around the corner. That’s when you know you found the best.
247Carpet has been around as a carpet cleaning company since 2009. Ever since our foundation 7 years ago, we have never ceased providing high-quality services to our valued customers. We are an expert in carpet cleaning, but we are also adept in a rug, upholstery, and furniture cleaning.

How Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Done
We at 247Carpet perform several methods in commercial carpet cleaning. The method used for cleaning depends on the type of carpet. Here are some:

  • Traditional Steam Cleaning
    • Traditional steam cleaning is the kind of method used for carpets with only minimal problems. Therefore, carpets with major problems will not undergo through this cleaning process. Major problems include the following:
      • Liquid and fire damage
      • Serious stains (oil, grease, crayon, pen, marker, etc.)
      • Mold damage
      • Major odors
      • Bed bugs
  • Regular Deep Cleaning
    • This commercial carpet cleaning method is for the wall to wall carpets. It uses Aloe Vera or Citrus solutions – the most favorite solutions of most carpet cleaning companies according to the survey. The process consumes more time than the standard carpet cleaning, but the results are worth the wait. The solution is very effective in cleaning carpets down to the deepest parts of the fabric, removing the toughest dirt and odor underneath. This solution is very ideal for individuals with kids or pets.
  • Dry Cleaning
    • Dry cleaning is a solid based, waterless kind of carpet cleaning. The process uses specialized machines with chemical technologies that allow VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning that results to the absolute removal of dirt and odor. This cleaning method is considered as the healthiest maintenance for commercial carpet cleaning.

When to Get Carpet Cleaning Services
247Carpet’s office hour is 24/7. We are ready to talk to customers anytime and anywhere may it be online, over the phone, or in our offices. So, whatever time you feel like cleaning your carpet, we can accommodate you.
We are amongst the leading carpet cleaning company in the industry. In fact, we already have 3 offices in New York at Brooklyn, Queens, and at New York City. Customers are always welcome to enter our doors and we are always ready to be at your service.