Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

What Are Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are parasitic insects that primarily survive on human blood. They are usually active during nighttime. This is the time that they crawl out of where they are hiding to feed on people’s blood while they are sleeping. 

Bed bugs can come from anywhere. You can bring them into your home unknowingly. They can slip into luggage and furniture and crawl out into your home. Once they are inside your home, they won’t be easy to get rid of since they can hide really well. 

These insects are very good in hiding so even if your home is immaculately clean, they would still be able to invade your home unnoticed. They can hide in your mattress, couch, and cracks in your home. What makes them even harder to deal with is their ability to survive for a year or more without human blood. So even if they weren’t able to feed because you were out of town for a month, they can survive and continue hiding in your home. 

Why You Must Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Your home is a place where you can rest peacefully and feel safe. But having bed bugs inside your home can cause discomfort and health problems to you and your family such as:

⦁    Skin rashes
⦁    Allergic reactions
⦁    Bed bug odor
⦁    Uncomfortable sleep
⦁    Psychological discomfort

In order to get rid of bed bugs from your home, your home will need to undergo special bed bug treatment

How We Can Help
To help you get rid of your bed bug problem, we at will provide bed bug treatment services which include cleaning and sanitation for your upholstered items. Since bed bugs tend to crawl into various pieces of furniture, it’s best to completely sanitize all of these items to make sure to get rid of them all. 

We also do deep cleaning which will take around 2 days or so depending on the severity of the problem. Our deep cleaning process will completely get rid of the bed bugs inside your home as well as their eggs and dirt. 

Here at 247carpet, we believe in using only natural and organic materials for cleaning. That way, we won’t risk the health of the people living in the house by exposing them to chemicals. You can be assured that our bed bug treatment and solutions are 100% natural and safe for you and your family. 

Why to Choose Us
We at are composed of a number of skilled professionals handpicked and meticulously trained by our company. These professionals are highly efficient and know how to provide quality service that will surely help you in your bed bug problem. All of us are committed to helping our clients have a home that is safe and comfortable to live in. We do not only want to meet the expectations of our clients but also exceed them. As per our record, we are able to serve an average of 20 clients per day without compromising on quality standards. 

If you are looking for quality bed bug treatment and quality personnel then you’ve come to the right place. is what you’re looking for.